Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Old Journal Entry 2010

I started a journal last year, thinking that it would make for a good book later on down the track.  I only got three entries in before packing it in it seems.  I've decided that I should write a blog but nothing significant happened today so here's one of the old ones.  This is my entry for 13/5/2010.

I hate getting lost.  The feeling of helplessness and having to continually change your decisions are almost too much for me.  But I wasn’t lost today.  I knew exactly where I was.  I just didn’t know where the road was or the creek crossing I was trying to find.

Jim wasn’t home today.  He’s in town watering the grass on the Polocrosse fields for this weekend’s tournament.  He left me a list of jobs to do while he was away.  Nothing major.  He just wanted me to take some hay out into the cow paddock.  You’d think that would be easy wouldn’t you? 

The calves have recently been weaned.  Their mothers have been sent back to their respective home paddocks and we’ve kept the weaners around the house to keep an eye on them.  Also to keep them relatively quiet (tame) we should be giving them feed every day or so.  They then learn not to fear you or the vehicle and don’t run away.  That’s the theory.

In practice, it’s not so easy.  Especially if Jim spends most of his days in town preparing for the polocrosse carnival and isn’t home to work the cattle.  I managed to get the hay into the trailer on the back of the bike and to get out into the cow paddock, but I couldn’t see very many cattle.  I decided to go across the creek but I couldn’t find the crossing or the road leading to it and spent a good hour driving around an empty paddock.  This is tricky in itself because the paddock has been cleared but not raked.  There are an enormous amount of logs all over the ground and you don’t see them until you’re on top of them because the dry strawlike grass is four feet tall.  I’ll tell you what, the sooner I put up some street signs in this place the better.  It’s hard enough finding the roads out here when you’re on them.

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