Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All systems go!

Well, we've finally started.  After having to fix a head gasket on the loader, an oil leak and water pump leak on the tractor, the purchase of a post driver and inventing and building a wire-pulling device, the fencing project has begun.  Now we're on a mission to get the job done before the end of the financial year to get the grants that were the impetus of the whole project.

We're fencing to land type, separating the open country from the timbered country.  This will mean that we can use our paddocks more strategically.  The grass in the open country is always sweeter and will get eaten first before the other grass, but with the new fences, we'll be able to keep cattle in the timber to eat some of that grass and even out the grazing pressure.  The grass in the open country will not be eaten so badly that the good grasses disappear from the land and we're only left with poorer grass with less nutrients.  All in all, our new fences will help protect the land and give us better options for managing our cattle.  Enjoy your steak!

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