Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cows are just people - in cow bodies

When driving around the paddock, I am often amazed at some of the similarities cattle have to people.  They appear to have similar social groups to us. Here's a farming fact for you.  Cows have a gestation period (length of pregnancy) of nine months - the same as people.  After the calf is born they have similar behaviour to us in a social sense.  It is not uncommon to see small groups of cows hanging out together watching their calves play with each other.  I call this playgroup.  We will also see one or two cows watching over up to ten calves while their mothers are off in the distance grazing.  This is cow kindy and our working mums.  They also seem to seek out friends of similar race.  We have Brahmans, Santa Gertrudis, Herefords and mixtures of all of these breeds but even as little fellas, the cattle seem to seek out their own kind and hang out in these groups.  Grey cattle over there, red cattle over here.  I haven't seen any overt racial discrimination at the water trough but you never know how subtle a cow can be.

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