Friday, January 13, 2012

Mango Madness

Mangos are awesome.  I love the taste of mangos.  These fabulous fruit grow in tropical regions, typically north of Carnarvon, WA and Childers in Qld.  Orchards are dotted around the coast of Australia from these points.

The traditional way to eat a mango is to cut the sides off, slice these into cubes within the skin, then turn the skin inside out to display cubes.  A person is then expected to suck the cubes out of the skin.  A word of advice for the mango eater, take your shirt off first.  This is especially prudent for the kids.  Mangos taste fantastic and you don't want to waste any so peel the skin off the rest of the seed and suck the rest of the mango off the seed.  Trying not to get the juice all over your hands, face, and down your neck just makes it worse so have your mango then go for a swim (in the bathtub if that's all you have).

Here's some mango tips:

Wrap unripe mangos in newspaper and leave in a covered area out of the sun until ripe.  Do not put unripe mangos in the fridge as they will not ripen there.
Ripe mangos are great frozen.  Make them into ice blocks or simply store for future smoothies out of season.
Do not store mangos in plastic bags as they need to breathe.

Lastly do not spend less than $2 per mango.  Quality deserves a decent price and anything less means our farmers are working for free.  Farmers love the job, don't get me wrong, but they'd also like to eat.

For more about mangos, here are the sites I plagiarized:

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