Friday, February 3, 2012

Coles brand

My mum did some shopping on her way home today.  She stopped in at Coles.  It's unavoidable sometimes, as the 7-11 just doesn't have the range of products you require.  After reaching for her frozen peas, she discovered that the packet she had selected had the coles brand on it.  She had to look hard to distinguish this from the name brand product.  After returning the product from whence it came, she found the McCain frozen peas and continued shopping.  The same thing happened in the cold meats section.  She said she's sick of it.  Not only are Coles products prolific through the store, their packaging is so close to the most popular branded product that it is easy to grab the wrong one in a hurry.  Mum decided not to reach back up to return the Coles packet of ham but dumped it back in the fridge (she said she felt like throwing it on the floor but didn't).  It sounds like a good idea to me.  Next time I inadvertently get the wrong product, perhaps I'll leave it in another part of the store.

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