Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rain Glorious Rain

It's flooding again.  Not at our place thank goodness, but in Roma and Charleville in central Queensland.  Last year we had widespread flooding all over Queensland and this wet season it's happening again.  It really is a game of pick-your-natural-disaster out here.  If you aren't up to your waist in floodwater, you're either fighting a bushfire or starting the bores because of the drought.  But why are our towns always going underwater? Why did Brisbane go underwater last year?

I would suggest that climate change is a convenient scapegoat, but the truth is that this country has always had these natural disasters. There are a lot of people who know the history of floods and droughts in this country.  How often do they get consulted on issues of infrastructure?  How are developers allowed to build on floodplains and fill in creeks and gullies?  Why are so many people losing their livelihoods and belongings every year? I do not know the answer to this but I have my conspiracy theories.  What's yours?

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