Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fresh food

We've been eating corned beef every meal for a three days straight.  Not because there is a lack of other food, but it was a big piece of meat when it was cooked and you don't want it hanging around for more than a week.  It's one of our own.  Back in the old days (about ten years ago) my husband's family would butcher their own beef.  These days, you really can't get away with that unless you have your own cold room.  So every three months or so we send a beast into town and the butcher takes care of the rest. I've had to learn how to cook all of the different cuts of meat, not having eaten anything but rib fillet before.

We also have three chooks, of which two are laying at the moment.  So we have a decent supply of eggs. We were going to have a steak tonight, but when an accident occurred with the egg carton this afternoon, it was a no-brainer that tonights meal had been changed to quiche.  It wasn't my intention to finish off the corned meat but there you go, the fates stepped in.

It occurs to me, since I rarely buy meat and my veggie patch and chook pen supply a good amount of our staples, why is my grocery bill still around the $800 a month mark?  Methinks I'm going to have to start keeping receipts.

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